Programs and Initiatives

A. Our Programs

To help African managerial leaders with the transition from directive/autocratic leadership style to participative for the African leaders, we have created the following programs:

  1. FREE Online training sessions –
  2. In-person training, seminars, workshops
  3. Recorded training videos

A. Our 11 Strategic Initiatives

 To achieve our vision, we have 11 strategic initiatives. By succeeding in these initiatives, we will achieve double-digit revenue and earnings growth and be known as one of the world’s greatest African leadership training organizations:

  1. Raise brand awareness with an email and social media campaign within the African business institutions, universities, and multinational corporations 
  2. Acquire or merge our training program, PAL, with a critical group of African business institutions, universities, and multinational corporations
  3. Launch a strategy to increase managerial leadership skills in Africa
  4. Open more customer-facing retail outlets—free periodic live webinars 
  5. Offer more training products and services online as needed for African managerial leaders
  6. Encourage individuals and organizations to take in-Person Training, Seminars, Workshops to supplement their online learning experience
  7. Begin to add more hands-on, interactions, role-playing learning approaches to In-Person Training, Seminars, and Workshops
  8. Take active measures to become the preferred low-cost training program of the African managerial leaders so that they can lead and manage their people to help eradicate poverty in Africa
  9. Implement an automated training program system to reduce labor costs or increase the quality
  10. Begin to aggressively develop leadership talent to support expansion plans in the African region
  11. Set out on a research effort to create the next generation of training program products