Trainer Profile

Dr. Bennett Annan is the founder, president, and CEO of the Institute of African Leadership, IoFAL. Of all the ways he describes himself—mechanical/manufacturing/ quality engineer, business administrator, counselor, professor, professional consultant, author, and researcher—perhaps the most fitting is multipotentiality, which is defined as someone whose interests span multiple fields or areas rather than being proficient in just one. He resides in California and takes pride in training business development skills, including executive coaching and organizational leadership.

Dr. Annan holds a doctorate degree, Ed.D., in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor of Science, B.S. degree and a Master of Science, M.S. degree both in Mechanical Engineering, a Further Education Teachers’ Certificate, F.E.T.C., a Master of Business Administration degree, MBA, a Master of Arts degree, M.A., in Clinical Psychology, and a doctorate degree, PsyD, in organizational psychology.

He is an excellent corporate trainer, helping African managerial leaders to help their followers cultivate their skills and knowledge by providing complete training and sharing his rich and tremendous knowledge and expertise in ways that motivate others. He has an affable nature and the ability to appeal personally to everyone across all racial and ethnic lines. He believes his purpose on earth is to use his tremendous knowledge and rich, diverse experience to make a great impact on the lives of the people he encounters.